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30 Fluffs for Kiba and Cole (Wolf's Rain) - Lobo Paw Prints

Mar. 3rd, 2007 10:07 pm 30 Fluffs for Kiba and Cole (Wolf's Rain)

001.teddy bear; doll
002.a ring; promise
003.transportation; farewell
004.misunderstanding; a heartfelt apology
005.sunrise; sunset
006.beach; park
007.eternity; time
008.the first time around; first impressions009.daisies; wisterias
010.playing pretend; dress up
011.favorite; dislike012.food; picnic
013.magic; illusions014.lies; trickery015.date; a meeting
016.banter; sarcasm017.a hot day; ice cream
018.homework; distraction
019.language; translation020.sunday; morning
021.night sky; veil022.pets023.a rose is a rose by any other name
024.heirloom; priceless
025.a distant place; memory
026.carnival; activity
027.diary; secret
028.falling; injury
029.pillow; sleep
030.love; fluff

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