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One for the Underdog - Lobo Paw Prints

Jan. 13th, 2007 07:54 am One for the Underdog

Summary: There was a lot of the pressure to being the brother of a super hero, even if you didn’t know she was one. Introspective look into a brother of a super heroine.

One For the Underdog

He had always been vastly different from his sister, book smart, smooth, and at times suave. His coloring had also been different, but it didn’t matter so much. Though it did leave him curious, not enough to question his parents, but enough to wonder. He was quiet, able to keep calm to a point and did not get crushes on multiple females. Well, neither did his sister, but she did get crushes or infatuations on multiple guys.

He was awake when she would slip back in from her nightly rendevous and he could guarantee so was his parents. Yet, she was never punished, or impeded upon, and he was curious about that as well. She had a bountiful of famous friends, heck, she even knew singers! They were close as family, and he envied that close knit feeling they had. He had a great group of friends as well, but they never had the same feeling.

Multiple guys devoted vast amounts of attention toward her, enough that his father was teaching him to shot to protect her honor. Yet, out of all the guys, some who were tons better for her, she chose one and was vastly loyal to him. Even though he had broken her heart once or twice in the past, and wasn’t very dedicated in understanding his sister total emotional standpoint. If he could ever get that guy alone, he would give him a piece of his mind and then some or he could just hand him over to his father for ‘Conversation.’

There would be times when he caught sight of bruises that he knew that weren’t there days or even hours before. Okay, so he wasn’t completely honest with his sister when it came to secrets, but something hurting him would not be one he would keep to himself. Then again, what if she was doing to herself? No, she was not like that, to noble and idealistic, plus she was far to selfless to cause others pain.

He envied what she had, and what was allowed in her case. Hated that she kept such serious secrets that was hurting her. Despised the fact that she loved someone so beneath her. Admired her tenacity to continually risked her heart for people she didn’t know. Loved her, because she was his sister no matter the situation.

Though he couldn’t help the emotions he tied to her. There was a glare of specialness around her that demanded attention, and he didn’t want to give it. Doing so would mean he would be lost in the background, and he’d be damned if she pushed him there. She was the center of a lot of people’s universes, but not his.

He did however, look to her when she asked for everyone’s attention in the living room. She promised she would reveal one of her biggest secrets to them. Perhaps he could finally have a chance to understand his enigmatic sister.

"I’m a super hero." She stated and then transformed for their benefit.

This did not come as big of a shock as he thought it would. He let out a small smile, yeah, she was a super hero.

This was originally based on Shingo Tsukino from Sailor Moon, but I figured it could be tied to any of the brothers of the many super heroines in anime/manga. Most of the brothers there act childish, but do have a mature mind set.


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